Q: Who is Nikita?

A: Nikita, Is my American Pitt-bull Terrier. I Rescued her from a Shelter. She was A forceful take from her previous home. We aren't aware of the details, She has a loving home now and is my spoiled little baby. I love her so much. She has been here for the already many hard times that I have had to deal with. She is also the most loyal friend that I have. 


Q:  What games do you play?

A:  I play all types of games. Horror games are very rare though. For a full list of games I have played and are looking to play see 

Q:  What games have you finished?

A: All my finished games can be found at My Rank One Profile.


Q: Where do you stream? 

A: I Stream on Twitch.tv, Spoon.net, YouTube, Kick, Live.Space. In that order of priority, although now that there is the allowance of multi-streaming I will be pursuing streaming on all of them at the same time! 


Q: When do you Stream?

  A:  Twitch - Mon, Tues, Weds 4PM - 9PM EST   Streams will start again soon! 


Q: How do I recommend a game for you to play on stream?

A: Join the Discord! There is so much to do in there and there is a Suggestion box!